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Temperzone 13.7kW Split Ducted System

Product Name Temperzone 13.7kW Split Ducted System

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Brand Temperzone

Product Description

The ISD indoor units, together with their associated OSA outdoor units, provide a reverse cycle (heat pump) split system air conditioner designed and developed to comply with and exceed AS/NZS 3823. Each system has been successfully tested at 52°C ambient.


Each ISD/OSA system has a variable capacity compressor which uses less energy than alternative types of compressor.
Indoor units include a high efficiency electronically commutated (EC) motor. Part load operation at low loads (75% airflow equates to 55% power use) using temperzone algorithms. Each outdoor unit incorporates a high efficiency compressor. Heat exchange coils use inner grooved (rifled) tube for better heat transfer.
The variable capacity compressor technology can provide close comfort control of the room temperature. The OSA 184F and 224F have an extra boost capacity available for fast response when well away from set point at start-up. A dynamically balanced forward curved fan with a multi-speed EC motor enables fine tuning of the indoor unit to match the supply air requirements. These EC motor fans have a fully integrated speed control that enables soft starting. Fan speed can be stepped to your own requirements or continuously variable using a 0–10V DC control signal. The system includes a temperature sensing head pressure control which enables the system to compensate for outdoor ambient temperatures below 20°C on cooling cycle, and above 15°C on heating cycle.


The indoor units are separable for ease of installation through small man holes – minimum 550 mm sq. clear aperture. It may be desirable in some applications to keep the two separate parts of the unit apart and joined by ducting, eg over a ceiling joist. A pair of the optional Spigot Plate Adaptors are available to facilitate this option.


The compact up-right design of the outdoor units requires only a 150 mm gap on the coil side where installation is against a wall. Their slimline cabinets are particularly practical where there is restricted space, e.g. side access pathways, balconies, narrow ledges, etc. The unit is free standing, but can be fitted on a wall using the optional wall mounting brackets.
Both indoor and outdoor coil fins are epoxy coated for extra protection in corrosive environments, e.g. salt laden sea air. Each outdoor unit’s cabinet is constructed from high grade galvanised steel - polyester powder coated (grey) for all weather protection (IP 44). External fasteners are stainless steel. Heat exchange coils comprise aluminium corrugated plate fins on mechanically expanded rifled copper tube. Each indoor unit’s cabinet is constructed from high grade galvanised steel and includes a plastic drain tray for complete corrosion resistance and a galvanised steel safety drain tray. Outdoor coils are protected with louvred anti-hail guards.
Zone Control
ISD-KYX versions using SAT-3 controller can be fitted with the optional Zone Control kit which allows up to 6 zone dampers to be switched from the SAT-3 wall control. Standard damper motors, 24 volt ac, can be used with drive open/drive close.


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