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Hitachi Cassette Multi Indoor Unit RAI

Product Name Hitachi Cassette Multi Indoor Unit RAI

Product Size

Brand Hitachi

Product Description

Created with high efficiency in mind, Hitachi MultiZone systems can form an integral part of a sustainable energy strategy. Able to rapidly heat or cool only those rooms that are occupied, the system enables you to customise your energy use while significantly reducing running costs. High efficiency levels are also made possible by the use of super-efficient DC technology within the system’s motor, outer fan, inner fan, and inverter compressor.
It’s just another way Hitachi is helping buildings to reduce their carbon footprints.
Other benefits:
• Compatibility with a range of indoor unit types such as wall hung, cassette or ducted.
• Low noise and vibration levels, made possible by the use of two cylinder rotary compressors.
• The system allows up to 75-meters between outdoor and indoor units and 25-meters per indoor head.
• The ability to improve building aesthetics through the use of minimal outdoor units.
• Ease of installation.
• Ease of operation via a user-friendly controller, which also facilitates easy and fast servicing by accurately displaying the status of all performance parameters.
• An Eco Mode setting that enables users to achieve significant energy savings.
• A card key ‘on’ and ‘off’ function that enables automatic deactivation once a room becomes unoccupied.
• Remote ‘on’ and ‘off’ capability.
• Remote alarm capacity, ensuring any problems can be monitored and diagnosed by an external controller.
• High durability, made possible by anti-corrosion and anti-dust coatings on the outdoor heat exchanger.

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