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Hitachi 12.5kW IVX Multi Outdoor Unit

Product Name Hitachi 12.5kW IVX Multi Outdoor Unit

Product Size

Brand Hitachi

Product Description

Hitachi Utopia’s multi-head option makes it possible to set different rooms at different temperatures using just one outdoor unit. Utilising a series of indoor outlets, the system lets you heat or cool only those spaces that are occupied, thereby enabling further energy use customisation and cost savings.
Offering a high degree of versatility, the indoor component can take the form of a low-height compact cassette or a wall-mounted split unit. Featuring a motion sensor that enables climate control functions to be deactivated if a room becomes unoccupied, the cassette unit also incorporates an internal drain pump and exclusive anti-bacterial agent that eliminates problems that typically arise from water accumulation in drain tray coils.
Other benefits:
• A stylish remote control that’s easy to use and comfortable to hold.
• The ability to control multiple units from one location.
• BMS compatibility.
• Low noise levels.
• Easy to install.
• Easy to commission.

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