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Today most people in the HVAC Industries around Australia are familiar with Riley Air Control Systems and our comprehensive range of Blendair Dampers.

The Company commenced operations in 1993 in a small factory at Heathcote. In 2004 they expanded to a larger more modern factory in Miranda. Riley Air is customer focused and service orientated, dedicated to fulfilling the need for high quality dampers, delivered on schedule and in a timely manner.

Riley Air’s management has adhered to customer service since the company’s inception. As a result, Riley Air has been rewarded with an ever increasing demand for our products. They are constantly testing new installation methods for Smoke and Fire Dampers which result in major on site savings.

As a private Australian owned Company, employing a staff of experienced and dedicated professionals, Riley Air is prepared to set new bench marks for service and quality as they continue to grow from strength to strength.