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Blygold is an innovative and forward-thinking company offering unique and sustainable high-quality protection against corrosion.


For 40 years, Blygold have been the market leaders and specialists in HVAC corrosion protection for coils, casings, and AHUs. With 4,000+ hours salt and acid resistance testing on actual condenser coils and 11,000 hours on treated panels, our coating has been specifically formulated to suit HVAC&R equipment. Substantial energy savings and increased lifespan of coils.

It began in the early 1970’s when Rijk Bleijenberg discovered a new chemical cleaning method for cooling devices whilst on a working trip in the USA. Later in 1976 he founded his own company under the name of BlyChem (Bleijenberg Chemicals) and introduced these new innovative methods for the first time in the Netherlands

In the years to follow, the rising demand for corrosion protection on heat exchangers of HVAC equipment significantly increased. As a solution a unique new product was ingeniously invented. This product BlyGold Plus, aptly named because of it’s golden colour, was the launch of the now acclaimed brand Blygold.

Today Blygold is partnered with more than 75 companies in over 55 countries and is a well-known and reputable name in the HVAC industry. This is mainly thanks to the dedicated and enthusiastic partners that have chosen to work with Blygold. Together they benefit from this successful formula.


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