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When Delivery Times are Critical

Project Outline

August 30 2017 marked the end of an era. A commercial air conditioning system that had been installed and operating every day since 1982, serving one of the Taree’s largest shopping centres (Manning Mall Taree – Owned and Managed by Retpro Pty Ltd) had its last day on the job.

The replacement of the old system required a team effort from Mackie Electric & Refrigeration with the assistance of Jarrod Marlborough and Dave Waterman of McIntosh Air Conditioning Distribution. Together they tailored a solution to not only replace the system but to increase performance, improve control and most importantly dramatically increase efficiency!

The solution included 2 new Temperzone OPA Eco 137Kw systems units. As you can imagine, these units are fairly large, as were the old units that needed to be removed from the building first. The logistics of the project required serious planning and active participation from numerous parties.

Due to the sheer size of the equipment Service Manager Adam Holt from Mackie had to call in specialist crane operators who had to apply for special permits just to bring the crane and its associated counterweights etc. into town crossing bridges. They had a very short window of time to close the bridge and bring the crane across. It was then crucial that the new units arrived on time to allow the crane to get the old units off the building and the new ones on before closing the bridge again for the crane to return to base.

The Temperzone dispatch team in Sydney ensured their part of the process went as smoothly as clockwork. They were able to constantly check on the progress of the trucks carrying the new units utilising their GPS tracking system and keep all parties informed of their progress. Considering that’s at least a 4 hour trip in the best of conditions, there was a lot that could have gone wrong to throw the schedule out, but it didn’t, due to excellent management of the entire process.

They successfully replaced the old system with 2 x Temperzone Eco OPA1370RKTM fitted with economy dampers - 137Kw systems.

In fact the client is so impressed with these units that Adam has developed a replacement plan that will see similar units being installed in more locations over the next few years. The client obviously understand that the benefits of Temperzone’s OPA Eco units will save them money in long run while providing greater control and performance.

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