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Halekulani, NSW

Project Outline

With maintenance and running costs of their old air conditioning system skyrocketing, the Halekulani Bowling Club opted for a more cost effective future with new Temperzone OPA’s including all the Energy Saving options. And they are extremely glad they did!

Replacing old, low efficiency, leaking units with modern Temperzone equipment that has high EER’s equates to a huge running cost saving to the end user. When you add smart controls, the energy efficiency is even better. And by elimination of an ongoing leak problem, it will save the customer significant maintenance costs while also improving sustainability.

The Hali Bowling Club on the Central Coast of NSW is a thriving part of the local community. Situated at Budgewoi, on the Central Coast of NSW, the club offers ultra-modern facilities in an idyllic location just north of Sydney.

Most registered clubs have extended operating hours across a range of ambients that can take its toll on the operating costs of the business particularly if everything isn’t running efficiently. And this old air conditioning system definitely wasn’t efficient. It was 15 years old and the club was spending a huge amount of money on maintenance and repairs each year.

Mitch Cowan, owner of Twin Lakes Air Conditioning, was called in to assess the maintenance

situation for the club. Mitch brought Temperzone distributor McIntosh Air Conditioning Distribution (MAD) in to meet with the club discuss their situation. MAD has been the Northern NSW distributor for Temperzone for 24 years.

Considering the age and condition of the system, they offered to work up a quote on a replacement system and show the club what they could save on energy costs.

According to Mitch, “I have been working with Temperzone products for years, was aware of the advances they have made with the package units and thought this project would be perfect for them.”

Gary McIntosh, Manager of MAD provided Twin Lakes Air with a competitive quote that included a range of energy saving options. MAD obtained the existing equipment’s EER and provided estimates in efficiency going to new equipment. These energy saving options would ensure better long-term performance of the units and the club would be able to see that difference in lower running costs.

Mitch continued, “the team at MAD put in a fair bit of work in terms of figuring out the ideal equipment for the club as well as calculating their potential savings.”

Establishing the running times of the club at the wide range of ambient experienced, MAD explained the additional benefits in efficiency of the “New Generation” Temperzone roof top package units with added “Energy Saving Options” including;

Showing considerable foresight, the club chose to go ahead with the energy saving options.

Essentially they invested the money they were spending on costly repairs and maintenance on a new energy efficient system that would save money in the long run.

The project consisted of: 1 x OPA960, 1 x OPA800, 2 x OPA1370 - All units fitted with Economiser, DiGital Scroll Compressors, EEV, EC Evaporator motors plus Plug Fan and Smart Controls. This configuration delivers maximum energy efficiency across all operating conditions.

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