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The picturesque Breakers Country Club located on the NSW Central Coast at Terrigal is now enjoying the rewards of replacing their existing rooftop plant with several new Temperzone energy efficient Eco Plus units. Club CEO Ken Pearson realised that their existing ageing plant was using more energy than necessary, costing more and more each year for maintenance and wasn’t particularly environmentally friendly. When Grosvenor Engineering Group, provided them with a quote to replace the existing equipment, they included both Temperzone’s Standard and Eco Plus range of products.

Grosvenor, who has been looking after the club’s service needs for over 10 years, realised that the Temperzone Eco range would be ideal for this type of application. They had recently attended a training seminar organised by McIntosh Air Conditioning Distribution (MAD), the Northern NSW distributor for Temperzone. The seminar focused on the energy efficiency options available with the Eco range, and the team from Grosvenor immediately identified the benefits it could provide their clients.

The club, realising the benefit of paying a little more upfront to get the long term energy savings, chose the Eco Plus models.

The project consisted of one split ducted system (OSA/ISD380) and four rooftop package units (2 x OPA465 and 2 x OPA550).

The Eco Plus rooftop units are fitted with the following energy saving features:


According to Ken, “We are very happy with the new units. We have already seen a substantial reduction in our energy bills and the systems are certainly more efficient. We are looking at being able to repay the investment within 5 years, which certainly makes it a worthwhile investment.”

“We are also able to control the temperature throughout the club much better, providing better comfort for our members.”

Kirk Hormann, Sales Manager for McIntosh Air Conditioning Distribution, explained that, “The project was by no means straight forward as it required the partial removal of the roof in order to be able to extract the old units and position the new ones. But it all went very went smoothly; on time and within budget.”

“The club should enjoy the energy efficiency and savings in running costs for years to come. If maintained properly, these units should have a life expectancy of up to 15 years.”

Because of their proximity to the ocean it was also important to the club was that the units were able to withstand the harsh, corrosive environment. Temperzone's products, designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, are available with high grade galvanised steel cabinets, polyester powder coat finish, external stainless steel fasteners with epoxy coated evaporator and condenser coils. All these features are designed to improve the durability of the units, even in the toughest conditions.

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